ovember 2, 2014
Sunday, November 9, 2014                 
Welcome        -------------------Jeff Jadwin
Song Leader---------------Charles Savage
Prayer----------------------Rod Carpenter
Officiating---------------------Jason Ware
Reading-----------------------Eric  Wright
Sermon-------------------------Keith Kress
Dismissal        ---------Roger Ditter
At The Table
1.Bob Moore-------------Joe Stoneburner
2.Joe Kennedy------------------Ben Lowe
3.Bob Fleegle--------------Matt Milatovich
4.Donnie Watts-------------------Bob Hale
5.Lyle Watts--------------------Bob McFee
A.M. H. Carson/E. Compston
P.M. D. Johnson/J. Jewell
Song Leader--------------------Mike Pittman
Prayer------------------------------Tom Charles
Reading----------------------------Gabe Hehr
Sermon----------------------------Keith Kress
Announcements----------------Jeff Jadwin
Dismissal----------------------Gordon Browne

At The Doors
A.M. Arch St.-------------L. DeBord/B. White
A.M. Race St.----------------L. Hand/J. SMith
P.M. Race St.----------------D. & B. Harris
  $3,238.00 has been sent for the Eastern European Mission’s
$1,000,000 Sunday.  As in previous years, we were given the
opportunity to contribute toward the distribution of Bibles and other
religious literature to public schools & libraries within the country of
Ukraine. .  
    $1,055.00 was specifically received from our members for this
project.  Then, as decided by our elders, any contribution above $2,000
would also be sent for the Bibles.  The $2,000 amount is to assist with
our budgeted expenses.  The additional amount totaled $2,183.00.
    Our church family is to be commended for their generosity.  We pray
that God will bless our donation and the mission of EEM.
               For the elders, Gordon Brown
Sunday Bible Class---------------------104
Sunday Morning Worship-------------187
Evening Worship -------------------------95
Wednesday Bible Class ---------------104
              LADIES BIBLE CLASS
Ladies Thursday morning class meets
every Thursday at 10:00am in the
multipurpose room. They are studying
Zephaniah. All ladies are invited to attend.
A man in Vermont was engaged in the seasonal job of stocking an icehouse when he lost his watch. He searched
with his lantern and a rake, but couldn’t locate the watch in the sawdust on the icehouse floor. His coworkers joined
him in the search but also failed to find the watch.
   When the men left to go to lunch, a small boy slipped quietly into the icehouse and found the watch!
  When the owner asked how he was able to locate it so quickly, the youngster explained, “Well sir, I just kept very
still, and soon I heard the watch ticking.”
  We often fail to realize and appreciate the value of quiet time, especially in this age of I-Pods, HD TV, AM, FM and
satellite radios, cell phones, etc.
  Sometimes we fail to listen and hear God speaking to us. Two hymns in our book (# 31 and #68 are based on
                                  Tom C.


              Are you ashamed to share your faith with others?  Paul wrote to Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:8, “Therefore
do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, or of me His prisoner, but join with me in suffering for the gospel
according to the power of God” (ESV).  With Paul being in prison because of serving the Lord, apparently,
Timothy was being timid and fearful of standing for Christ.  Paul encouraged him to not be afraid of sharing his
faith with others, and to suffer if it were necessary because of what the Lord has done for us all.
       I was reminded of these thoughts as we participated in the funeral service for Virginia Grandstaff.  Virginia
was never fearful of telling others about “her” Jesus, as she would say it.  She would do so in restaurants, stores,
or anywhere she went.  I’m sure most of us have heard her express her love for Jesus.  She took it personal.  He
was “her” Jesus.  Do you and I have that personal relationship with the Lord?

      I remember Willie Franklin stating that he would chastise his football teammates at times for using the Lord’s
name in vain in front of Him.  He would tell them that they were demeaning the name of his Lord.  Do we take it
personally when others demean our Lord, our older Brother in the family of God?
       Perhaps we haven’t affected others for the Lord as much as would like because we have been too quiet
about Him, too ashamed to share the faith which we claim will take us to heaven.  What good is our faith if we do
not demonstrate it by standing up for our Lord at all times.  Is He “your” Jesus?

We love you all - Keith
 Sunday, November 9, 2014 will be
Orphan Sunday. This is a great
opportunity to save the lives of children
that are being raised in extreme poverty
throughout the world. If you would like to
donate to this cause, make your check
payable to Norval Park Church of Christ
with Orphan Sunday on the memo line.
Cash donations can be given to Jackie or
one of the elders.  Thank you, Roger
     Helping Hands have been delivering
afghans to new born babies at Bethesda
hospital.  We have gotten a very good
response to this service to our
community.  We are asking for the
congregations help by purchasing and
donating yarn for the afghans. Needed is:
Red Heart Super Saver (from Walmart)
Med #4, in pastel baby colors. There is a
basket in the foyer with a sample of the
yarn and cards with the information for you
to take. See Joyce Sprague with questions.
      If you were a teen during the time Jeff
& Jackie were teen leaders, there will be a
reunion get together, Friday, November 7
from 5:30-???????, in the multipurpose
room. Just like the old days bring, snacks,
pop and money for pizza. See Jackie
Jadwin or Vanessa Foster for details.  

Stepping Stones have the following nuts for
Pecans, Walnuts, Mixed Nuts & Chocolate
Cashews for $10.00 per bag
Chocolate Raisins, Chocolate Peanuts &
Trail Mix $7.00

See Jessi Smith, Jackie Jadwin or any
Stepping Stones member for details.