WEEKLY BULLETIN      September 1
4, 2014
SEPTEMBER 21, 2014
Welcome        --------------------Jeff Jadwin
Song Leader--------------Charles Savage
Prayer------------------------Bob Jones Sr.
Officiating------------------------Jim Clegg
Reading---------------------Harry Jadwin
Sermon-------------------------Keith Kress
Dismissal        --------------Gordon Brown
At The Table
1.Joe Stoneburner-------Brian Compston
2.Gary Graham---------------Joe Kennedy
3.Mark Allen--------------------Bob Fleegle
4.Donavon Jadwin-----------Tom Lanning
5.Josh Loy-----------------------Bob McFee

A.M. R. Ware/N. Watts
P.M. J. Jadwin/D. Flesher

Song Leader------------------Gordon Brown
Prayer----------------------------Tom  Charles
Reading--------------------------Keith Shaner
Sermon----------------------------Keith Kress
Announcements-----------------Jeff Jadwin
Dismissal-------------------------Roger Ditter

At The Doors
A.M. Arch St.---------------B. & C. Peterson
A.M. Race St.--------------------P. & L. Smith
P.M. Race St.----------------L. & C. Watts

Sunday Bible Class---------------------103
Sunday Morning Worship-------------180
Evening Worship -------------------------80
Wednesday Bible Class ---------------123
Ladies Thursday morning class will begin the fall
quarter, Thursday, September 11 at 10:00am in the
multipurpose room. Please read Zephaniah to
prepare for class.
Congratulations to the following students for
reaching their goal of perfect attendance
2 & 3 year olds
Sunday: Caid Anderson, Leini Anderson, Spencer
Drabik,  McKenzie Lowe,  & Adam Kennedy.
Wednesday:Spencer Drabik, Anya Jadwin, &
Adam Kennedy
       4 year olds-Kindergarten
Sunday: Josalynn Milatovich & Jensen Beardsley   
Wednesday: Lauren Jadwin
       1st & 2nd  grades
Sunday & Wednesday: Olivia Drabik
       3rd, 4th & 5th grades
Sunday: Jade Drabik & Elijah Milatovich
Wednesday: Jade Drabik
High School: Sunday & Wednesday: Matt Burrell

Our annual church picnic will be held at
Kidzville at Riverside Park, Sunday, September
14 from 1-4pm. Church will provide the meat
and buns. Bring, side dishes, desserts and lawn
Helen Purcell Thursday, Sept. 18   6:30
               STEPPING STONES
       Stepping Stones first meeting of
the year will be at the home of Joyce
Sprague tomorrow at 7:00pm.  All
ladies are invited to attend.
Cradle roll - 5th grade  450 items
Teens- Age 30   285 items
Age 31-100    479 items
As was announced a reward will be
coming. Watch the bulletin for details!
We had a very successful Summer Series on Forgiveness, let us apply what we learned to
the following!
              Is my brother/sister still my brother/sister?
      Is a brother/sister in Christ who engages in SIN or False Doctrine, still a “Brother/Sister?
What else would they be? What else would you be? What else would I be?
      The Bible teaches we have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of GOD. When Jesus
bowed his head and wrote in the sand all the accusers left before throwing a stone. When a
brother or sister sins we should be there to help them repent of their sin and stand tall as a
Christian again or should we be holding a stone?
      The Devil puts obstacles in our path everyday trying to get us to fall off the road leading
to heaven and onto his road to destruction. Unfortunately that happens to many Christians
every day, but when fellow Christians forgive the sinner and extend a helping hand, a
shoulder to cry on or a listening ear that may be the one thing that a Brother/Sister needs to
get back on the road to Heaven.
      Forgiveness and Prayer are an even bigger part of leading a fellow Christian back to the
pathway of righteousness. Ask the LORD to give you the strength to forgive them and the
Wisdom to be the example they need to be a Christian walking the pathway to HEAVEN.
      WE do live in glass houses because the LORD sees and knows our every SIN. Pray that
WE can FORGIVE others as we want the LORD to FORGIVE us!

              In Christian Love!        Jeff

      Those of you older than myself will remember the famous scene in the movie, “Gone With The Wind,” in which
Clark Gable said that four-letter word, “damn.”  It shocked the nation.  Decent folks just did not talk that way back
then because they understood it to be wrong.  That word was associated with God and the damnation of souls in
eternity.  Respectable people did not use anything associated with God in such a manner.
      Talk about opening the flood gates.  It has only gotten worse and worse throughout the years.  In modern
society, the uttering of such words is commonplace in everyday life, as well as on our televisions in our homes.  Our
children grow up hearing the filthy talk, and if not taught otherwise, will think that type of language is
The lack of respect for God and His name in our society today is appalling.  Even young children are using this
language on a regular basis, and their parents don’t stop it because they talk the same way.  One of the original
commandments was to not take God’s name in vain (Exodus 20:7).  God indicated that He would not hold that
person guiltless.
      In speaking about the greatness of God, the psalmist declared, “Holy and reverend is his name” (Psalms 111:9
- KJV).   The NIV uses the word “awesome” in place of “reverend.”  God’s name, and all associated with Him, should
always be revered.  We need to respect it and teach our children and grandchildren to do so as well.