AY 3,  2015
Sunday, May 10, 2015               
Welcome        -------------------Jeff Jadwin
Song Leader---------------Charles Savage
Prayer----------------------------Jim Clegg
Officiating--------------------Keith Shaner
Reading----------------------Gordon Brown
Sermon------------------------Keith Kress
Dismissal        --------Roger Ditter
At The Table
1.Joe Stoneburner-------------Bob Moore
2.Ben Lowe-------------------Joe Kennedy
3.Matt Milatovich--------------Bob Fleegle
4.Donavon Jadwin---------Ryan Bollinger
5.Lyle Watts--------------------Bob McFee
A.M. B. Jones/E. Compston
P.M. L. Kress/M. Tharp

SSong Leader-------------------Mike Pittman
Prayer----------------------------Tom Charles
Reading----------------------Joe Stoneburner
Sermon--------------------------Keith Kress
Announcements----------------Jeff Jadwin
Dismissal----------------------Gordon Brown

At The Doors
A.M. Arch St.------------------L. & C. Watts
A.M. Race St.-----------------P. & L. Smith
P.M. Race St---------------B. & B. Jones
Sunday Bible Class--------------------121
Sunday Morning Worship------------205
Evening Worship ---------------------- 105
Wednesday Bible Class --------------87
cereal, spaghetti sauce & noodles, jelly,
peanut butter, ramen noodles, pork n
beans, canned meats, egg noodles, mac
n cheese, canned vegetables, canned
potatoes, boxed mashed potatoes,
crackers, soups
the  pantry will be open to the public the
2nd & 4th FRIDAY of each month.
April readings are available in the foyer.
Join us as we read thru the Bible this
year in Chronological order.
Potter Children’s Home will be in our
area May 17-22 , gathering
commodities and cash to assist with
their everyday needs. Items needed
are: 30 gallon trash bags, spray and
wash, toilet paper, bottled water, olive
oil, chocolate pudding mix, snack
crackers. Items can be brought to the
building and placed in the tub in the
foyer. Cash can be given to Jackie.
Jackie: 9am-2pm Monday-Friday
Keith: 8am-2pm Tuesday-Friday
                                                             TRUST AND OBEY
       We all are most likely familiar with the often sung hymn, “Trust and Obey.” We sometimes sing a song
that we have sung for years and perhaps not pay as much attention to the meaning as we should. The basic
premise in the song is that we should trust God, obey His word and everything will turn out all right. An
analogy I have been pondering of late, which I hope might be helpful in talking with folks about baptism,
comes from the idea in that song.
       Jesus, The Christ, lived a life here on this earth in complete obedience to God, The Father. Jesus was
even obedient unto death on the cross, through which we have access to eternal salvation. Through Jesus’
obedience to God by enduring the cross, taking our sins upon Himself, suffering death, and being buried,
He was completely obedient to God’s will. Through His obedience, God raised Him from the dead and
provided Jesus with victory over death and made Him the first born to eternal life. In like manner we are to
live our lives in complete obedience to God in all things. As much as lies within us to do. When we obey God
by following His will, through repenting of our sins, dying to the old self, being buried in baptism, God is
faithful to grant His mercy to us and seals our assurance of eternal life.
        Just as Jesus was victorious by putting His trust in God and obeying His will, we too will be victorious
over this world and the burden of sin when we trust God and obey His will.
                                                                          Love ya all, Jim
                                                                    SEEING THE IMAGE
“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.   For if anyone is a hearer of the
word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror;  for he observes himself, goes
away, and immediately forgets what kind of man he was.   But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty
and continues in it, and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work, this one will be blessed in what he
does" (James 1:22-25).
       The Bible speaks of looking in the mirror of God's Word to see our true spiritual image, so that we
might make the changes which are needed.  James states that if we see ourselves in the Scriptures, then
walk away and forget about what we see, we are not among those who obeys God's message.  The one
who does what he/she reads in the Word is the one who will be blessed by God.
       Many folks would rather not study the Bible because they don't want to see what changes should be
made to their life.  They feel that "ignorance is bliss", and if they don't know, then God will not hold them
responsible for those things.  However, we read in Acts 17:30, that in the past (under the Old Law), God
overlooked ignorance, "but now commands all men everywhere to repent."  God expects us to make
changes in our life to conform to His teaching.
       This is one way of looking in the mirror, but in our lesson this morning we'll consider another side of
seeing the image which is looking back at us.
                                                                       We love you all - Keith

The following men have been nominated
for the appointment of deacon for the Norval
Park congregation.
Joe Kennedy, Ben Lowe, Mike Pittman,
Jason Ware
Ladies Bible Class will begin Spring
Quarter, Thursday, March 12 at
10:00am. We will be studying
May 9 - Mother Daughter Banquet
June 13 - Stepping Stones Golf Outing
June 14-19 - Sr. Week Church Camp
June 21-26 - Jr. Week Church Camp
June 28-July 3  - Inter. Week Church
July 19-23  - VBS
 We were blessed Wednesday
evening with Jean (John) Grenier giving
us a progress report of the work in
Quebec, Canada.  He showed pictures of
the continued renovations being made to
a garage/barn over the past year.  They
are reworking the interior, have changed
the exterior and have added on to the
sides of the structure.  We have posted
some of the pictures on one of our
bulletin boards.  He and his wife have
need of a new Macintosh computer
costing $1,200.  They have experienced
loss of monthly support dollars from
churches who have had to change their
budgets.  If you would like to donate to
this church, you can mail directly to Jean,
or prepare your check to NPCC-Canadian
Mission.  All such donations will be
accumulated and sent to the church in
Canada.  Our eldership has been
challenged to increase our monthly
support for their work.  Please share your
feelings about this with any elder.  Below
is Jean’s address:
53 Rang est
St - Ambrosie
QC-G7P 2N7 Canada
       We will resume our walking
schedule beginning this Tuesday, May
5, at 5:00pm at the fairgrounds.  We
will meet each Tuesday and Thursday
to walk, when weather permits. All
ladies are invited to join us.