UNE 7,  2015
Sunday, June 14, 2015               
Welcome: Jeff Jadwin
Song Leader: Charles Savage
Prayer: Jim Clegg
Officiating: Jason Ware
Reading: Gordon Brown
Sermon: Keith Kress
Dismissal: Tom Charles

    1.Brian Compston                Frank Howell
    2. Steve Coe                Gary Graham
    3. Charles Clifford                Kent McGee
    4. Mike Boals                Gabe Hehr
    5. Josh Loy                Mark Allen

A.M. Lisa McElwee/Evelyn Compston
P.M. Betty Carpenter/Sharan Shaner

Song leader: Mike Pittman
Prayer: Ben Lowe
Reading: Steve Coe
Sermon: Keith Kress
Announcements: Jeff Jadwin
Dismissal: Jim Strouse

AM Arch St. - B. & B. Jones
AM Race St. – P.  & L. Smith
P.M. Race St.  - L. DeBord & B. White
Sunday Bible Class                         
Sunday Morning Worship                  204
Evening Worship                                 92
Wednesday Bible Class                    119
canned potatoes, mac and cheese, baked
beans, boxed potatoes, spaghetti noodles,

the  pantry will be open to the public the
2nd & 4th FRIDAY of each month.
June  scripture reading calendar is
available in the foyer.
The annual Stepping Stones Golf
Outing is scheduled for Saturday, June
13. A team sign up sheet is on the
bulletin board. See Jim Sprague if you
have any questions.
Jackie: 9am-2pm Monday-Friday
Keith: 8am-2pm Tuesday-Friday
    If any of the following situations are happening in your life, please dial the appropriate number.
      •        If you are unsure that God loves you, John 3:16
•        If you need faith, Hebrews 11
•        If you need comfort, II Corinthians 1:3-7
•        If you are worried, Matthew 6:25-34
•        If you feel depressed, I Peter 5:6-7
•        If you hear gossip, Proverbs 26:22-25
•        If you feel overwhelmed by some force, I John 4:4
•        If you are unsure about your current friends, I Corinthians 15:33
•        If you love worldly things in life, I John 2:15
•        If you love money, I Timothy 6:10
•        If you are focused on succeeding in this life, Matthew 16:26
•        If you want to be fruitful in life, John 15:1-11
•        If you want advice for your investments, Matthew 6:19-21
•        If you aren’t sure about participating in something, Philippians 4:8
•        If you are experiencing sorrow or pain, Revelation 21:4
•        If you are being persecuted, Matthew 5:10-12
•        If you are being tempted to sin, I Corinthians 10:13
•        If you have sinned, I John 1:9
•        If you feel you can’t be forgiven and saved, I Corinthians 6:9-11
•        If you are in trouble and need to be saved, I Peter 3:21
All numbers can be dialed directly. If as a Christian you need to speak with soMeone directly, please bow your head in
prayer now. God is standing by.
“Hear me when I call O God of my righteousness” Psalm 4:1
                                                              MARY CROZIER
Most everyone is probably aware that Mary passed away a little over a week ago.  We had her funeral last
Tuesday.  Everyone who dies in the Lord is a special person.  However, there are some who seem to stand out a little
more than others because of their involvement in the Lord's work and their Christian example to others.  I've only
been here about 6 1/2 years, however, I have not only seen Mary's life during that time, but have heard about her
work from many others.
       She served the Lord and this congregation for over 40 years in teaching Bible classes, mainly for third graders.  
Sometimes, we don't consider the importance a godly Bible teacher plays in the life of a child.  When children not only
learn lessons from the mouth of their teacher, but also see those lessons put into practice in the everyday life of that
same teacher, it has a profound effect.
        I used Proverbs 31, the virtuous woman, for my text at Mary's funeral.  In verse 28 of that chapter, Solomon
wrote, "Her children rise up and call her blessed....."  Some would say that Bud and Mary had no children, which was
true from the physical viewpoint.  However, when one considers all the children Mary taught for over a 40+ year span,
it is obvious that Mary had many "children."  And many of those "children" spoke to me about her and her wonderful
example.  They truly were blessed by her, as was the rest of our congregation.
       As I thought about Bud and Mary, this thought came to my mind:  Some people live life being important in the
eyes of the world.  You often read about them in the news.  Others live their life making a difference in the lives of
folks who live in the world.  This was Bud and Mary.  They won't make the headlines, but the lives of folks often would
have been more difficult had it not been for their kindness and wonderful example.  We appreciate each one of you
who makes a difference in the lives of others.
                                                                       We love you all  -  Keith

This morning the following students
will be recognized for their good
attendance in Bible classes.
Cradle Roll: Sunday - Griffin Lowe
Wednesday - Caitlin Jadwin, Griffin
Lowe, & Matthew Wright
2 & 3 yr old: Sunday - Spencer Drabik
& McKenzie Lowe
Wednesday - Anya Jadwin & McKenzie
4-K: Sunday - Linkin Foster & Adam
Wednesday - Lauren Jadwin & Adam
1st, 2nd & 3rd grade: Sunday - Olivia
Drabik & Kensleigh Foster
Wednesday - Olivia Drabik
4th, 5th & 6th: Sunday - Riley Carson &
Jade Drabik
Wednesday - Jade Drabik & Hope
High School: Sunday -  Sydney Carson
June 13 - Stepping Stones Golf Outing
June 14-19 - Sr. Week Church Camp
June 21-26 - Jr. Week Church Camp
June 28-July 3  - Inter. Week Church
July 11 - Youth Day at New Concord
July 19-23  - VBS
July 26-31 - Trip to Midwestern
July 19-23  - VBS
The following items are needed for meals
at camp. Bring items to the building no
later than Wednesday, June 17. A sign up
sheet is available on the bulletin board,
please make sure to sign up for what you
are bringing.
3-5# bags sugar, 1 gallon miracle whip,
8-bags chips, 3 - #10 cans each of green
beas, corn & peaches or pears, 5 jars
peanut butter.
Water mellon or money for watermellon
   We will resume our walking schedule
beginning this Tuesday, May 5, at
5:00pm at the fairgrounds.  We will
meet each Tuesday and Thursday to
walk, when weather permits. All ladies
are invited to join us.
We will be taking a group of teens and
adults to Midwestern Children’s Home,
from July 26-31 to do some work on
their campus. Anyone interested
should see Jeff Jadwin or Mike Pittman.
The church we are assisting in Canada
is in need of a new computer. If you
would like to help with monetary
donations please make your check to
Norval Park Church of Christ with
Canadian Mission Computer on the
memo line. See Gordon Brown if you
have any questions.