January 2
5, 2015
     Sunday, February 1, 2015                
Welcome        -----------------------Jeff Jadwin
Song Leader--------------------Paul Lowe
Prayer----------------------------Jim Clegg
Officiating----------------------Tom Charles
Reading----------------------Gordon Brown
Sermon-------------------------Keith Kress
Dismissal        -------------------Jim Strouse
At The Table

1.Bob Moore------------Joe Stoneburner
2.Joe Kennedy------------------Ben Lowe
3.Bob Fleegle-------------Matt Milatovich
4.Ryan Bollinger------------------Bob Hale
5.Lyle Watts--------------------Bob McFee

A.M. S.Wilson/J. Powell
P.M. J. Jadwin/B. Stoneburner

Song Leader-------------------Gordon Brown
Prayer----------------------------Roger Ditter
Reading----------------------------Gabe Hehr
Sermon----------------------------Keith Kress
Announcements-----------------Jeff Jadwin
Dismissal-------------------------Jeff Jadwin

At The Doors

A.M. Arch St.-----------------J. & J. Sprague
A.M. Race St.-----------------K. & S. McGee
P.M. Race St---------------L. G. & J. Hehr
Sunday Bible Class--------------------124
Sunday Morning Worship------------195
Evening Worship ------------------------86
Wednesday Bible Class --------------100
Helping Hands have been delivering
afghans to new born babies at Bethesda
hospital.  We have gotten a very good
response to this service to our
community.  We are asking for the
congregations help by purchasing and
donating yarn for the afghans. Needed is:
Red Heart Super Saver (from Walmart)
Med #4, in pastel baby colors. There is a
basket in the foyer with a sample of the
yarn and cards with the information for you
to take. See Joyce Sprague with questions.
cereal, spaghetti sauce & noodles, jelly,
peanut butter, ramen noodles, pork n
beans, canned meats, egg noodles, mac
n cheese, canned vegetables, canned
potatoes, boxed mashed potatoes,
crackers, soups
 Due to work scheduling for Donnie, the  
pantry will be open to the public the 2nd &
4th FRIDAY of each month.
The Supreme Court of the United States
is in the process of making a decision
concerning same sex marriage.  We
have drafted a letter opposing same sex
marriage. Copies are available in the
foyer, all that is needed is your signature
and to be mailed.
February readings are available in the
foyer. Join us as we read thru the Bible this
year in Chronological order.
    Please mark your calendars for the following
events coming up here at Norval Park

Saturday, March 7, 2015 Men’s Inspiration Day
Sunday, March 22, 2015 OVU Day
Jackie: 9am-2pm Monday-Friday
Keith: 8am-2pm Tuesday-Friday
                                                                                       BUILDING OTHERS UP
    Romans 14, the second half of verse 22 and verse 23, help us see if our conscience bothers us or we have some
doubts about something, the principle is this: when in doubt, throw it out. “Blessed is the man who does not condemn
himself by what he approves. But the man who doubts is condemned if he eats, because his eating is not from faith;
and everything that does not come from faith is sin.”
How can we make decisions in the debatable areas? Here are 12 biblical tests to help us make a decision:
1. The World test. Is it worldly? Will it make me worldly to do it? John 15:19, I John 2:15-17
2. The Quality test. Is it good for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Romans 12:9b
3. The Temple test. Can I do it when I remember my body is God’s temple and it must not be marred or misused? I
Corinthians 6:19
4. The Glory test. Will it glorify my Lord or will it on the other hand possible bring shame on His name? I Corinthians 6:

5. The Blessing test. Can I honesty ask God’s blessing on it and be sure I’ll not regret doing it? Proverbs 10:22,
Romans 15:29
6.The Reputation test. Will it damage my influence for the Lord? Philippians 2:15
7.The Consideration test. Am I being considerate of others and the effect this might have on them. Romans 14:7,21
8. The Appearance test. Will it look bad? Does it have the appearance of what is wrong or suspicious? I
Thessalonians 5:22
9. The Weight test. Could this activity slacken or sidetrack me in running the Christian race? Hebrews 12:1, I
Corinthians 9:24
10. The Coming of Christ test. Would I be ashamed to be found doing this when He comes again? I John 2:28
11. The Companion test. Can I invite Christ to go with me and participate with me in this? Matthew 28:20b, Colossians
12. The Peace test. After having prayed about it, do I have perfect peace about doing it? Colossians 3:15
Last Sunday morning Sherry Moore,
was baptized into Christ by Keith
following our morning services. Sherry
has been attending with us for several
weeks. Please welcome Sherry to our
Norval Park family. Please add her
information to your directory.
359 F.  Indiana St.
Zanesville, Oh 43701
Phone: 453-0243
 We would like to congratulation
Mike Williams, on his appointment of
President of Fulkner University. Mike
has been at Harding University for 28
years has served as the director of
admissions, assistant vice president of
enrollment services and most recently
as the vice president of advancement.
       He is the son of H. David  Williams
and the late Sally Williams. His
grandparents were the late David E. &
Bernice Williams and  the late Dean &
Mae Slater. He was raised in the
Norval Park family and will always be
       Mike is married to Lisa  Runyan
Williams they have 2 somes, Quintin
and Cade.
Wednesday evening Jade Drabik was
baptized by her father. Jade is the
daughter of George & Angie Drabik.
Please encourage Jade as she begins
her walk as a child of God.